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The Lao Taxi Case

An American, a Dutchman and a Brit walk into an open-air third-world bus stop just before dawn. They each need transport to the town – approximately three miles away. The local minivan and tuk-tuk drivers have organized themselves into a mean little mafia, and they are gouging the international tourists as they disembark from overnight buses.

US-China Negotiation and the Balance of Power Shift (BOPS) Part II – How it affects Chinese tactics

Last time we talked about why US-China deals undergo a shift in the balance of power.

Shifts in the power balance have to be seen through the filter of your counter-party’s culture and experience. You might think that moving money or assets into China means that you have more power in the relationship with your local partner – but to him this may signal the beginning of the end – his last chance to get paid before the finale. You see your new venture as something stable and growing – he may see it as one component of a larger, more fluid set of opportunities. He’s learned a new product or process from you, and profited a bit in the process. Staying put with you would be lazy and slothful – what he should be doing is putting this new expertise to work by developing his own operation. He’s already got the network and the channels – all he needed with process training.

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