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Negotiating with Chinese in your Home Market

The Chinese are coming…to spend, partner and raise their kids in your neighborhood. Be ready.

Whenever I step foot out of the NYC area, I get questions about how American sellers should approach mainland Chinese buyers. New Yorkers think they’ve got it all figured out (though I’m Learn to negotiate in China with China Soovenot sure mainland visitors agree). That may just be part of the jaded NY passive-aggressive, semi-hostile attitude of “if you can make it here” that we show towards everyone – local and tourist alike. Mainland Chinese buyers and counter-parties, however, are becoming significant players in the mainstream US  economy. The first place we’ll see them is as spendy-vacationers and real estate buyers, but expect to negotiate with more Chinese who are buying companies, forming US-based partnership, being head-hunted by HR departments, and setting up stand-alone commercial ventures. Just because you aren’t going to China doesn’t mean you won’t be negotiating with a mainland Chinese counter-party in the future.

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Managing in China 2012 – Like Old Times to Old Hands

China is shaping up to be a “best of times, worst of times” story – but it’s one that offers overseas managers a few glimmers of hope. The Chinese middle class wants value for its money, SOEs are pushing local privates out of business and the local competition’s existing business models are under fire. Anyone who thought they missed the China boat a decade ago should take a second look – but do some planning before they leap.