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Your First China Deal, Part II. The China Negotiating Plan

Treat your first China negotiation as a separate business – complete with a business plan, budget, and cost-benefit analysis. In China there is a big difference between doing the deal and doing the business. A Chinese negotiation is a long-term commitment – not a quick conversation. The only thing you can know with certainty is that if you botch the negotiation due to poor planning, then you will certainly lose the business opportunity.

Managing in China: Bite the bullet or drink the Kool-Aid?

the problem facing Westerners making business decisions in China. Do you take huge strides in infrastructure as a positive indicator and push to give your company’s China project a big thumbs up? Or are you more concerned by the persistent bottlenecks? This isn’t just about attitudes and outlooks – some business models are optimized for blue skies while others solve problems. The challenge is to stay objective about your business potential in China and send useful analysis back to the home office.