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10 China Management Risks You Can Eliminate by Training

ChinaSolved’s Least Wanted List:  Make sure you are not committing these 10 Deadly Sins of Chinese Management

Sign up for the ChinaSolved newsletterDoing business in China is hard enough when you get everything right.  Western managers often end up repeating the mistakes that others have made before.  ChinaSolved has assembled a list of 10 Deadly Sins of China Management.  The bad news is that any one of these can undermine your efforts in China.  The good news? They are relatively easy to eliminate through training and planning.

Management behaviors you need to eliminate.

 1.   Flying blind.   If you don’t have time to plan for China, you don’t have time to succeed in China.  You need to figure out how to build your own independent channels of business intelligence and market data.  It’s great to get expert opinion on how to plan your China business, but if you rely on others for your basic operating strategy you are starting off with a very high risk profile.

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Managing in China 2012 – Like Old Times to Old Hands

China is shaping up to be a “best of times, worst of times” story – but it’s one that offers overseas managers a few glimmers of hope. The Chinese middle class wants value for its money, SOEs are pushing local privates out of business and the local competition’s existing business models are under fire. Anyone who thought they missed the China boat a decade ago should take a second look – but do some planning before they leap.

Your First China Deal, Part II. The China Negotiating Plan

Treat your first China negotiation as a separate business - complete with a business plan, budget, and cost-benefit analysis. In China there is a big difference between doing the deal and doing the business. A Chinese negotiation is a long-term commitment - not a quick conversation. The only thing you can know with certainty is that if you botch the negotiation due to poor planning, then you will certainly lose the business opportunity.