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Accelerating Localization in China through Coaching – By guest poster Jerel Bonner

ChinaSolved is proud to publish the work of China-based experts and thought leaders. This month Jerel Bonner, a highly sought-after executive coach in Nanjing with over 7 years of experience in China, shares his views on how to accelerate your localization plans.


Employee coaching is the new option for developing and accelerating your China operations. The right coaching program is more effective than other options since the right practitioner can:

    1. Align the coaching program with the business strategy and goals.
    2. Cultivate personal relationships that inspire the team to learn.
    3. Provide employees with feedback so they gain the wisdom to manage their career.
    4. Build the employees’ confidence by acknowledging their success.
    5. Allow the employee to select competencies they want to improve.
    6. Assist management in recognizing the behaviors that separate top talent from the rest of the team


Not every coach can do this, so it is important to take some time to interview your coach to get the best results from your program. So how do you select a “GGREAT Coach”? Here are some guidelines to determine if your potential coach meets “GGREAT” standards.

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