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STEEPLE Analysis for China Negotiation (Part 1)

Train your negotiating teams to perform a STEEPLE scan of the Chinese operating environment.

Introducing STEEPLE analysis to find your Chinese CSF – Critical Succes Factors

A STEEPLE analysis (which is very closely related to a STEP, PEST or PESTLE) is a systematic method for scanning the business environment. When operating in your home market, it may Sign up for the ChinaSolved newsletternot feel necessary, since you are probably very familiar with all the key variables affecting your organization. In China, however, a systematic approach to scanning the business environment is crucial. First, newcomers to China simply don’t know what they don’t know. A STEEPLE framework gives you a 360 degree view of the Chinese operating environment and is likely to yield more questions than answers in the early stages – and that’s a good thing. The second benefit of a STEEPLE scan is that it forces you to confront an unfamiliar situation with naïve and fundamental questions. In China, assumptions are deadly and generalizations can lead to catastrophic decision.

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The ChinaSolved Newsreader List

Here is the list of sources I load into my China newsreader (I have used ever since Google cut their G-Reader).  I’m shooting for a comprehensive list of business sources that are good for a daily 15 – 30 minute scan.  If I’ve overlooked any, please let me know:

China Business Intelligence Sources Basic (news, finance & business)

ChinaSolved Blog

Want China Times  (Knowing China through Taiwan)


China Business Review  (The US-China Business Council)

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Chinese Negotiation – Email and Online Platforms

How to Negotiate with Chinese using email and online platforms. Strategies for email and online negotiation with Chinese counter-parties. Chinese negotiators value relationships more highly than Western negotiators do, which presents a unique set of challenges when deals are being discussed long distance.
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Negotiating Online with Chinese Counterparts (Part 2 of 3)

How to negotiate online with Chinese clients, partners and suppliers – Part 2

Sign up for the ChinaSolved newsletterChinese negotiation often requires Americans to engage in long distance, online and email communication.  These methods can work just fine – but the rules of distance negotiation are different from face-to-face communicating.  How do you build relationships online?  Let’s finish the list of challenges westerners face when negotiating with Chinese counterparties online.  Click here for Part 1.

6. IP Theft Phishing, spoofing and other security breaches.  By now we all know about the need for security and the dangers of hacking and intellectual property theft.  Without pointing fingers or attacking anyone’s character, let’s just say that savvy international businessmen are extra careful about their intellectual property and technology in China.  Unfortunately, email and online platforms are the media through which networks get compromised.  It doesn’t matter how much you trust your direct counterparty – you have to worry about everyone else that he (or his network) share information with.

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10 China Management Risks You Can Eliminate by Training

ChinaSolved’s Least Wanted List:  Make sure you are not committing these 10 Deadly Sins of Chinese Management

Sign up for the ChinaSolved newsletterDoing business in China is hard enough when you get everything right.  Western managers often end up repeating the mistakes that others have made before.  ChinaSolved has assembled a list of 10 Deadly Sins of China Management.  The bad news is that any one of these can undermine your efforts in China.  The good news? They are relatively easy to eliminate through training and planning.

Management behaviors you need to eliminate.

 1.   Flying blind.   If you don’t have time to plan for China, you don’t have time to succeed in China.  You need to figure out how to build your own independent channels of business intelligence and market data.  It’s great to get expert opinion on how to plan your China business, but if you rely on others for your basic operating strategy you are starting off with a very high risk profile.

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ChinaSolved Negotiation Training- MNC vs. SME China Styles

Chinasolved Negotiation Training- MNC vs. SME China Styles from ChinaSolved

Western entrepreneurs, owners and SME managers negotiate differently from giant MNCs in China.
Recent headlines about scandals and corruption arrests are significant – but you have to draw the right conclusions about your situation.

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