Doing Business in China – The Keys to Successful Negotiation

Learn to negotiate and do business with Chinese counter-parties.

Level:  Introductory

Description:  Doing Business in China is an introductory course for non-specialists or those new to negotiating with mainland Chinese counter-parties.  This program is designed for professionals just beginning their China career, or those who only deal with Chinese counterparties indirectly or infrequently.  We cover basic business customs and methods, and learn the fundamentals of relationship building and cross-culture business.  We will introduce important concepts like Guanxi, Face, and Harmony, and explore how modern Chinese customs relate to American business people.

The focus of this class is to familiarize American professionals with the goals and methods of their Chinese colleague and counterparty – and to avoid the potholes and problems that can cause problems for novices in China.

Who this program is for:  This class is designed for 3 groups of professional:  1) New hires in an international firm with interests in China, 2) New or potential China specialists preparing for additional training or experience working with Chinese counterparties, and 3) Non-specialists who supervise or support colleagues and subordinates who are directly involved in the China decision-making team.

Skills:  Goal setting, Chinese business customs, banqueting, and business relationships.

Method:  The introductory course blends short, efficient mini-lectures reinforced by structured discussions, interactive role-plays, simulations and case studies.

What to expect:   Be the end of this course you will be able to interact effectively and professionally with mainland Chinese counterparties – be they colleagues, partners, suppliers or distributors.  You will understand business customs and etiquette.  The introductory program focuses on practical business intelligence, and each lesson is capped by a “pitfalls and red flags” section that guides participants in the best way to avoid common problems.  This course can be used as a stand-alone overview for generalists or the foundation course to prepare specialists for further study.

Agenda   Google, Banquets, Chinapology, Goal-setting

Main Case:  Danlon Diary.  You are the negotiator for a major MNC leader in the food industry.  10 years ago your company’s JV partner pulled out, and you had to leave China after an expensive and high-profile battle.  Now you must evaluate a new strategy for re-entering the China market.  Participants will take part in structured discussions, role plays and an extended simulation.

Text:   Guanxi for the Busy Professional – Training Manual


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