Chinese Negotiation Tactics: The Ten Tactics that Work for Chinese Negotiators – Against You

A manual for deal-makers.   These are the 10 Tactics (complete with variations)    that Chinese negotiators are using successfully – right now – against you and your    team.

Part 1 – the Tactics ( A road map of Chinese tactics)
Part 2 – the Combinations  (A self defense guide)

Level:  Intermediate – Advanced

Description:  This is a two part course that describes and analyzes the negotiating tactics that Chinese businessmen use successfully against Westerners.  In Part 1 we identify and evaluate the ten tactics (and a comprehensive list of variations) that Chinese deal-makers employ — with a focus on the techniques that are most successful against American counter-parties.  For each tactic there is a counter-tactic, and we discuss how to spot, understand and manage each tactic.

In Part 2, we examine at how the tactics are used in combinations to effectively manipulate Western counter-parties and claim value in negotiation.  Chinese business-people are big believers in precedent and convention.  Once they have a method they think is effective, they tend to follow predictable patterns.  If you understand what their goal is, you can anticipate their next move — and be ready for it.  Ten Tactics shows you how.

Who this program is for:  Ten Tactics is designed for active negotiators or business planners who need a deep practical knowledge of Chinese negotiating behavior.  If you are negotiating with mainland Chinese (or working with those who are) then you need to absorb the material from both of these courses.

Skills:  Tactical awareness, familiarity and understanding of Chinese business negotiating tactics, counter-tactics, planning and developing responses.

Method:  This course starts with some quick, high-impact lectures and discussions, and then moves to practical examples, cases and simulations.  The emphasis here is on recognizing tactics, developing a range of responses and executing in real time.

What to expect:  This class focuses on current best practice used by Chinese negotiators and business leaders.  After taking this class, you will have a deep understanding of what the Chinese side of the table is doing, and what they hope to achieve.    It is a thoroughly modern and Western-oriented approach.  We don’t spend time on historic Chinese views or philosophers.

Text:  Chinese Negotiating Tactics


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