Business Planning and Strategy Building for China

New Math for Old China Hands

To get the results you want from China, you must start with the strategy you need.

Level:  Advanced

Description:  The final course in the ChinaSolved negotiating series focuses on strategy-building and planning.  The underlying premise of this course is that many foreign fails in China are the result of bad goals and ineffective or poorly executed strategy.  Whether you are preparing to enter the China market for the first time or want to figure out how to tweak your existing Chinese business interests, this class will give you the skills and knowledge you need to put together an operating plan and execute properly.  With start with a simple yet powerful idea — all China business strategies can be understood as an equation:

What you want – What you have  = What you must negotiate for

Building on the skills gathered in the preliminary courses, participants will learn to set good goals, identify their sources of power and execute to maximize their company’s interests.

Who this class is for:  Owners, country heads, and senior strategists who take the lead in building and executing the China plan for their company.  This class focuses on allocating resources, forming partnerships, and making other high-level decisions.

Skills:  Audit existing China resources, strategy-building, goal setting, business planning.

Method:  This is a high-level class for decision-makers and company leaders, so the focus will be on realistic problem solving and scenario analysis.  We will construct, test and analyze actual and proposed business plans.

What to expect:  This is a high level class that bridges the divide between training and coaching.  Learning focuses on developing competitive advantage and maneuvering for power within a partnership.  This is not a theoretical course — participants will look at real cases and supply their own decisions based on real-world experience.


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