Building and Managing Chinese Business Relationships

Strategic Relationship Building and Conflict Management in Chinese Business

Description:  Managing Relationships in China is for Western professionals who are already engaged in Chinese  business, or will be soon.  Start with an exploration of what each side of the table means by the   phrase “business relationship”.  Americans consider the goal of a business negotiation to be a transaction, but in China th at is not always the case.  In many situations, Chinese consider a relationship to be the main outcome of a negotiation.  Further complicating matters for the American side of the equation, the range of business activities that require relationship-type negotiation is much, much broader in China than it is in the US.  This course will show Americans how to build and manage Chinese relationships strategically, so that relationships yield a string of profitable transactions.  We will focus on how to build, manage and direct business relationships to maximize e value and manage conflict.  Chinese and western negotiators have very different attitudes towards conflict and disagreement in business, and this can lead to problems and deal failure.

Who this program is for:  This class is designed to help western negotiators and managers move from relationship building to transaction.  It is appropriate for partners, salesmen, and purchasers.  Department heads, managers and HR professionals who have responsibility for working with Chinese colleagues and staff will also find these relationship management skills invaluable.

Skills:  Relationship building and planning, conflict management, team management

What to expect:  This class starts with the premise that relationships occupy a larger role in Chinese business than in the US.  We will look at how Americans can approach relationship-building strategically, forming the right kind or relationship with the appropriate counterparty, and guide the interaction towards an appropriate business goal. What to expect:  This course takes a conflict management view towards relationships and business negotiation in China.  We will learn to build and manage relationships with a business goal in mind.  Since conflict has the potential to undermine negotiations in China, we focus on how to avoid, minimize and manager conflict with an eye to maximizing long-term interests of the company.

Text:  The Fragile Bridge – Managing Business Conflict in China


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