New China negotiation course and eBook available from China Solved:

10 Common China Negotiating Mistakes is a serious guide for managers who need to show real results in China. 

Learn from the expensive mistakes of expat negotiators who have come before you...
Learn from the expensive mistakes of expat negotiators who have come before you…

Whether you are bringing a new team member on board, improving the efficiency of your marketing & procurement efforts, or overhauling an operation that is not performing up to standard –10 China Common Negotiating Mistakes can help you hit your targets in China.

This is not a “why you should do business in China” book. 

It’s an “I need to take control of my China business” toolkit.    



Picks up where the introductory texts and basic courses leave off. ..

You will learn from the mistakes and victories of other successful expats.   Both the book and course are products of a long-term research effort by Andrew Hupert – publisher of – who, back in 2002 started surveying expat managers about what they were doing right and wrong in China.   The results will show you and your team how to make better deals that bring you long-lasting success in the world’s most important economy.

Finally, there’s a practical solution to the China negotiator’s dilemma:  How do I build valuable relationships while still protecting and promoting my business interests in China?

Know more and trust smarter.   

This is not academic theory or politically correct fantasy.  Both the book and the online course offer serious training for managers who need the tools to diagnose China negotiating problems and bullet-proof systems for solving them.

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10 Common China Negotiating Mistakes — the online self-study course.


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