ChinaSolved Team Training Courses:

  1. Introduction:  Doing Business in China – Keys to Successful Negotiation
  2. Intermediate: Building and Managing Relationship
  3. Intermediate: Chinese Tactics – Part 1:  The Tactics
  4. Advanced:  Chinese Tactics – Part 2:  Combinations
  5.  Advanced:  Business Plans and Strategies – New Math  for Old China Hands

Course 1:  Doing Business in China – The Keys to Successful Negotiation

Description:  Doing Business in China is an introductory course for non-specialists or those new to negotiating with mainland Chinese counter-parties.  This program is designed for professionals just beginning their China career, or those who only deal with Chinese counterparties indirectly or infrequently.  We cover basic business customs and methods, and learn the fundamentals of relationship building and cross-culture business.  We will introduce important concepts like Guanxi, Face, and Harmony, and explore how modern Chinese customs relate to American business people.

Course 2: Building and Managing Chinese Business Relationships

Description:  Managing Relationships in China is for Western professionals who are already engaged in Chinese business, or will be soon.  This intermediate class starts with an exploration of what each side of the table means by the phrase “business relationship”.  Americans consider the goal of a business negotiation to be a transaction, but in China that is not always the case.  In many situations, Chinese consider a relationship to be the main outcome of a negotiation.  Further complicating matters for the American side of the equation, the range of business activities that require relationship-type negotiation is much, much broader in China than it is in the US.  This course will show Americans how to build and manage Chinese relationships strategically, so that relationships yield a string of profitable transactions.  We will focus on how to build, manage and direct business relationships to maximize value and manage conflict.  Chinese and western negotiators have very different attitudes towards conflict and disagreement in business, and this can lead to problems and deal failure.

Course 3 & 4:   Chinese Negotiation Tactics: The Ten Tactics that Work for Chinese Negotiators – Against You (Parts 1 and 2)

This two-part class is a manual for deal-makers.   These are the 10 Tactics (complete with variations) that Chinese negotiators are using successfully – right now – against you and your team.  In Part 1 we identify and evaluate the ten tactics (and a comprehensive list of variations) that Chinese deal-makers employ — with a focus on the techniques that are most successful against American counter-parties.  For each tactic there is a counter-tactic, and we discuss how to spot, understand and manage each tactic.

In Part 2, we examine at how the tactics are used in combinations to effectively manipulate Western counter-parties and claim value in negotiation.  Chinese business-people are big believers in precedent and convention.  Once they have a method they think is effective, they tend to follow predictable patterns.  If you understand what their goal is, you can anticipate their next move — and be ready for it.  Ten Tactics shows you how.

Course 5: Business Planning and Strategy Building for China – New Math for Old China Hands

Description:  The final course in the ChinaSolved negotiating series focuses on strategy-building and planning.  The underlying premise of this course is that many foreign fails in China are the result of bad goals and ineffective or poorly executed strategy.  Whether you are preparing to enter the China market for the first time or want to figure out how to tweak your existing Chinese business interests, this class will give you the skills and knowledge you need to put together an operating plan and execute properly.  With start with a simple yet powerful idea — all China business strategies can be understood as an equation:

What you want – What you have = What you must negotiate for

Building on the skills gathered in the preliminary courses, participants will learn to set good goals, identify their sources of power and execute to maximize their company’s interests.

NOTE:  This class is designed for owners, country heads, and senior strategists who take the lead in building and executing the China plan for their company.  This class focuses on allocating resources, forming partnerships, and making other high-level decisions.