The Fragile Bridge: Managing Conflict in Chinese Business – For Westerners

Written by an American for Westerners negotiating in China, The Fragile Bridge dispenses with politically correct euphemisms and ivory tower pseudo-psychology.

  • The Chinese want your technology, intellectual property and product designs.

  • You want their markets, resources and labor.

Knowing which 1,500 year-old philosopher uttered what esoteric phrase won’t help you safeguard your assets or keep your JV operating, but learning from the lessons of successful Westerners who have survived the China challenge just might.  Andrew Hupert’s even-handed analysis uncovers the sources of conflict in Western-Sino negotiation, and anticipates the trajectory that business disputes will travel.  The Fragile Bridge offers readers practical, insightful advice for avoiding, containing and managing China business conflicts of all shapes and sizes.  Case studies and examples illustrate each observation.  The book ends with a list of highly practical best practices that are appropriate for newcomers and “Old China Hands” alike.

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