ChinaSolved approach to Negotiation

The ChinaSolved approach

The ChinaSolved approach to negotiating in China is based on these 5 principles:

1. Success starts with good goals.  Goals, plans and strategies have to be explicit and appropriate.  It’s important that your business plans fit in with both your company mission and Chinese business realities.

2. Relationships drive business in China.  As a Western negotiator, you have to take control of how you build relationships — and who you build them with.  ChinaSolved specializes in training Western professionals to build  relationships and manage conflict in Chinese business.

3.  Understand Chinese negotiating styles and tactics.  Chinese managers and bureaucrats play by their own rules, and that’s not going to change.  The bad news is that Chinese negotiators have evolved a very effective set of tactics and patterns for separating Western businessmen from their IP, technology and valuable assets.  The good news is that the Chinese side tends to follow the same game-plan every time – so once you know the signs you can protect your interests.   I make sure that you know exactly what to expect – and give you a full range of tactics and counter-tactics to manage your relationships.

4. Identify and develop your own sources of power.  Westerners bring a lot to the table in China, but sometimes squander their advantage because they don’t recognize their own strengths.  I will help you develop strategies that give you influence and leverage.

5.  Develop a Guanxi Self Defense Guide.  You ignore Chinese tradition at your own risk.  It’s become fashionable for experienced expats and international Chinese to tell Westerners to ignore guanxi  and Chinese relationship-building customs altogether.  As pleasant as this idea may be, you ignore local traditions and methods at your own risk.   Guanxi, Face, Harmony and other Chinese business customs may not help you — but if you are not careful they can really hurt!  ChinaSolved shows you how to manage Chinese business culture to your own advantage.

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