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10 Common China Negotiating Mistakes:  A Survival Guide for Front Line Negotiators and Team Leaders

Learn from the expensive mistakes of expat negotiators who have come before you...
Learn from the expensive mistakes of expat negotiators who have come before you…

10 Common China Negotiating Mistakes is for professionals who want to learn how to negotiate more effectively with mainland Chinese counterparties. This practical, fast-paced guide explains the misunderstandings and confusion that make China business so frustrating for Western managers and leaders. You will learn the skills needed to build strong business relationships while staying in control of your own agenda and protecting your sensitive company assets. Andrew Hupert will give you new insights into what your Chinese counterparty is thinking, and equip you with strategies, tactics, and counter-tactics you need to succeed.

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The Fragile Bridge: Conflict Management in Chinese Business

The Fragile BridgeWritten by an American for Westerners negotiating in China, “The Fragile Bridge” dispenses with politically correct euphemisms and ivory tower pseudo-psychology. The Chinese want your technology, intellectual property and product designs. You want their markets, resources and labor. Knowing which 1,500 year-old philosopher uttered what esoteric phrase won’t help you safeguard your assets or keep your JV operating, but learning from the lessons of dozens of successful Westerners who have survived the China challenge just might. Andrew Hupert’s even-handed analysis uncovers the sources of conflict in Western-Sino negotiation and anticipates the trajectory that business disputes travel. “The Fragile Bridge” offers readers practical, insightful advice for avoiding, containing and managing China business conflicts of all shapes and sizes. Case studies and examples illustrate each observation. The book ends with a list of highly practical best practices that are appropriate for newcomers and “Old China Hands” alike.

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Guanxi for the Busy American

guanxi for the busy americanWhat Do Busy Americans Need to Know About Guanxi?

Busy Americans want to transact business and move on to the next challenge. When it comes to doing business in China, busy Americans respect the local feelings, attitudes, customs, culture, history and society – but also know that they are not Chinese and never will be, no matter what they do. They want to master the skills and learn what is needed to get the job done as expertly and competently as possible. To them culture is one of many skills that needs to be mastered. They do not need get a PhD in mathematics in order to fill out an invoice, and they are confident operating a telephone without being able to design a microchip. Busy Americans approach culture as one of many factors necessary successful management.

The goal of Guanxi for the Busy American is to help over-scheduled, sleep-deprived professionals learn exactly what they need to do business in China effectively and efficiently. There is not enough time to explore every facet of Chinese culture and history – but you do not want to be unprepared, naïve or buffoonish when meeting with Chinese colleagues and partners. Busy Americans have the experience and intelligence to know that one cannot be an expert in everything, and should not try. The main skill of executives is knowing what questions to ask and where to find the expertise to get answers. Download this short e-book before your flight, and check “Prepare for Chinese Negotiation” off your very long to-do list.

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“I’ve been working on a thesis involving guanxi for my graduate degree and this book lead to many great points for further research, but broke the topic down into very palatable and understandable tidbits.”

“Solid fast read on the Guanxi concept. The book doesn’t pull punches in its assessment of the sinister aspects of China Guanxi nor Westerners’ ill-advised notions about it. The Author’s blogs are well respected amongst “Old China Hands” –Nothing in this book was new to me after 17 years in China, but It was well worth the price for the nuance and practical, actionable suggestions toward the end of the book. Pretty easy to read, light, humorous style, can be read in a couple of hours. As compared with a lot of the fluffy China business books out there, this book is quite solid. There’s really no reason anyone doing business in China shouldn’t pop 3 bucks for this.”
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“I thoroughly enjoyed this gem of a book on the confusing subject of Guanxi. I’ve worked across Asia for a couple of decades and Mr. Hupert provides the reader with an accurate, enjoyable explanation of Guanxi (what it means, why it’s important, etc.). This book is a must read for China hands (old and new). I look forward to reading more books from Mr. Hupert as he’s clearly an emerging expert on conducting business in China.”


“This book hits it on the head nicely. Good insight, and useful for those who either don’t know much about Guanxi, or want to spend some time thinking about the ramifications.”


“I have been reading Andrew’s writings for years. I do so because he really knows China. This work is no different. If you want a quick and dirty doing business in China book, this is the one.”


“An excellent introduction to doing business in China. Informative, easy to read and understand. A must read for any business considering a Chinese business relationship. “