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We are a US-based resource for international managers and businesses negotiating in China or  considering an expansion into the Chinese markets.

Our goal is to acquaint western business professionals with principles and realities of negotiation in China today.  Westerners coming to China to negotiate business deals and partnerships need a clear understanding of the cultural and commercial environment in the PRC.

Doing business in ChinaFounded by Andrew Hupert, our mission statement is simple. We will provide individuals and businesses already in China, or expanding their operations, with information about how to navigate, negotiate and profit in this very hot market.

With offices in both Honk Kong and New York we provide the latest, freshest commentary to help businesses discover opportunities, while avoiding hidden hazards brought about by cultural and philosophical differences that separate the east from the west.

We are committed to monitoring the big trends and challenges that lurk just beyond the horizon.

Because Chinese business culture is so different from the norms in US or Europe, many Westerners treat their first negotiation as a learning experience. Unfortunately the lesson may end up being far more expensive than they could have realized.

In addition to our many free resources, we offer consulting, training and speaking services to companies in both America and Europe.

Andrew Hupert

Andrew Hupert
Andrew Hupert

Andrew Hupert is founder and CEO of ChinaSolved., based in Hong Kong and New York.  Andrew lived in China for over 10 years, advising and training at multinationals to improve their deal-making and negotiating skills with Chinese counter-parties. His corporate clients include Philips, Schneider/Clipsal and Keuhne + Nagel.  He has served as an Adjunct Professor at New York University (Shanghai campus) and has lectured at Strathclyde University’s EMBA program.

Andrew  first came to Asia in 1990 after receiving his MBA in International Finance from New York University Stern School of Management. He gained extensive senior sales and management experience with leading financial institutions in Taipei, Hong Kong, Kyoto and New York before settling in Shanghai as a consultant and lecturer.  He has also published articles in business journals such as Shanghai Business Review, the China Economic Review, and Business Forum – China.

Hupert is a well known writer, speaker, trainer and consultant specializing in US-Chinese negotiation. He is the author of The Fragile Bridge — Conflict Management in Chinese Business