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Tim Cook’s iPology allows Apple to focus on real China concerns

I still remember my first apology letter to a faceless Chinese communist party unit. I fretted that I being dragged over a moral cliff, but the people whose opinions I cared about – Chinese colleagues and coworkers – laughed off my concerns. It meant nothing, would be read by no one, and was just another meaningless bureaucratic hoop to jump through.

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Apple's iconic Runner with Hammer ad
Apple vs. the Evil Empire, Part II. The iPology

American corporates have to separate Chinese government nonsense from their real concern – the Chinese market.
Apologizing to the CCP (or the People of China) is about as significant as apologizing to the SEC, a judge or your homeowners association. It is something you do because you are supposed to – because your refusal brands you as a “troublemaker”. Sometimes you have to make potential problem go away with a meaningless apology.

Apple has lots of problems in China. Xinhua News or the Consumer Collective whining isn’t among them. It actually helps – elite Chinese consumers who are the natural demographic for Apple’s high-end and pricey range of products aren’t particularly sympathetic to nationalistic propaganda. Party complaints about Apple “insulting the Chinese people” play just great to the privileged business class that are paying peasants to line up for the new iPhone or iPad.  The ones that react well to nationalistic cry-baby complaints are probably packing budget Qihoo  or Xiaomi phones – not overpriced iPads.

Good Policies Trump Good Politics

You go, Tim. Issue those empty apologies, and let the righteous anger of the masses guide your warranty policy to the same standards you offer the Europeans. Better yet, consider global standards that are fair to everyone (including Americans). This time it looks like the CCP is a gang of nationalistic fussbudgets – next time you’ll look evil again.

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