Chinese Negotiation Training: Banquet Big Talk (Video)

MYTH: Chinese negotiators don’t talk about business at banquets and social events.

TRUTH: They don’t talk about SPECIFIC TRANSACTIONS or details — but they are definitely “on the job” .

Chinese negotiators don’t engage in meaningless chit-chat or small talk.  They are doing BIG TALK – big picture, general goals, and business philosophy.  Americans who come to China and treat banquets and guanxi-building meetings as lightweight social events that come before the REAL negotiation are missing the point and undermining their position.  These face-to-face opportunities are the pre-game show — they are the real action.  This is where the Chinese side learns about you… and where you are supposed to deliver the real message about yourself, your company and your plans for China.


Negotiating in China -- Big Talk
Chinese business negotiation STARTS at the banquets & guanxi-building. These things aren’t supposed to be fun!


Ideas for big talk:
1. Where do you see your company in 5 years? What will be the relationship and role with foreign partners?
2. How do you define successful partnership? What is trust between partners?
3. What do you see as the strength and weakness of Western firms operating in China? What can you and I do to leverage on those strengths and attack those weaknesses?
4. HR is one of the biggest challenges for Western firms in China. Do you have any advice?
5. What are your plans for expansion and growth? Do you anticipate operating in overseas markets? Do you plan on entering America/Europe?

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