From the EIU: China’s Leadership Handover – The changing of the guard

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The changing of the guard

On November 8th this year China will begin the once-a-decade process of changing its leaders,
with the launch of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This will,
by coincidence, come just two days after the US presidential elections. Both events will have
momentous repercussions, both for the countries involved and for the world, but they will mark a
study in contrasts. Unlike the US, China’s succession battles are being waged in near secrecy, yet
observers are already sure who the next president and premier will be. Less clear is what exactly
China’s new leadership will stand for. This report will examine their backgrounds and policy
positions, asking what we can expect from the incoming administration.

Download the full report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (  HERE  (Registration required)

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