WEF’s Davos ‘Unvitation’ Was the Nicest CNY Gift Ever for Beijing

Good job to the uber-globalists at the World Economic Forum for scheduling this year’s Davos summit smack in the middle of Chinese New Year.   I hope the invitation came in a big red envelope, because it was the best gift that Beijing could dream of.  China sent a camera crew – but the senior officials stayed home, ate noodles, and positioned themselves for the 2012 power shift.

If China had sent officials, the pressure on them to help bail out Europe and to reform the RMB exchange rate regime would have been intense.   Beijing has no interest in doing either of those things, but PRC leaders have a hard time spinning their message.  After all, the CCP prop-line has always been a Dangerfieldesque, “We don’t get no respect” on the international stage.  Yet every time the Dragon is asked to fly to the rescue, it quietly demurs.  If they step up, they will be sucked in to the global mess even faster.  But when they say “no thanks” they are accused of gaming the system.

This year’s Davos discussion centered on Europe and it’s desperate need for international support (i.e.: a bailout).  That could have led to some very awkward pauses and long looks in China’s direction.  Fortunately for Beijing, the World Economic Forum organizers still haven’t learned to work the non-Christian setting on their Evite calendar.  The only thing the Chinese like more than saving money is saving face, and Madame Lagarde and the planning people in Switzerland have given China the nicest New Year’s surprise ever.

Xin Nian Kwai Le.

Back to work.

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