Please help get off the ground and ChinaSolved have started a new undertaking called It is designed for students, educators and practitioners who have an interest in international trade and negotiation. The initial goal is to create a safe, structured environment for students from China and the West to come together and discuss international trade issues. (No politics, no hate-talk.) Once we have reached ‘critical mass’ in terms of users, we hope to start running realistic cross-border simulations of negotiating cases. Right now we envision this being team based — and any teachers who wish to make this a class project should contact us at to discuss cases and specific issues.

We are still in the early stages and there is much work to be done in terms of design and structure. There are, however, live discussion topics running now. They are:

    Who makes the first offer when you are negotiating a deal?
    G2 or G20 — Will China and the US be the ‘last men standing’?
    Is China’s Rise for Real — or a Japan-Style Bubble?

This new forum is primarily geared towards international students, but if any experienced professionals want to participate then you are more than welcomed. All we ask is that you don’t over-dominate the discussion and that you take a mentor-type role in the forum. Some students may feel intimidated or uncomfortable in a heated, competitive discussion.

It would really help out if we could get a few posts on the discussion boards to prime the pump a bit.
Thanks for your support.


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