10 Common China Negotiating Mistakes

Thanks for your interest in the ChinaSolved.com report, 10 Common China Negotiating Mistakes (or as we like to call it, The China Solved Least Wanted List).  You can down the PDF report by clicking here

Download the free PDF:
“10 Common China Negotiating Mistakes


Now in Beta:  The online course –

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Now you can learn – and profit – from the mistakes of those who have come (to China) before you. Learn to build valuable relationships while still protecting – and promoting – your bottom line. Click here to view the online course.

10 Common China
Negotiating Mistakes.

3 hours of discussion, case studies, solutions and tools that
will change the way you and your team negotiate in China.

Regularly $99, during the beta period this course is available
for only $19.00.  (This is a very limited time offer.)

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