Chinese Negotiation Solutions That Work for Westerners

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Straight answers for negotiating and doing business in China.  Strategic coaching and training solutions that work.

We work with decision-makers, purchasers and sales teams to reduce risk and boost margins in China business deals. We show companies how to maximize the return on their China investments – while protecting intellectual property rights and capital investments.

Western Best Practices are a recipe for disaster in the Chinese market.

But companies trying to “act Chinese” without deep planning get taken to the cleaners.  We specialize in showing Western leaders how to identify and leverage their existing sources of power in Chinese business and negotiation.

These include:

  • Building profitable China partnerships and relationships
  • Safeguarding assets, technology & intellectual property
  • Identifying and retaining high-impact partners and key staff
  • Shaping growth strategies and deal structures that make sense for the long term.

China Solved has been in the China market for over 10 years, working with companies like NYU Shanghai, Schneider, Phillips, Maersk, Purspective, and Kuehne + Nagel.

We are the recognized experts in negotiation, conflict management and rehabilitating broken partnerships.

THE PROBLEM negotiators and organizations play by different rules — and that’s not going to change any time soon.  Western managers report that spending money and moving assets into China is relatively simple — but making profits is much more difficult.  There are cultural barriers and bottlenecks within their own firm — and bureaucratic roadblocks and structural obstacles all around.   The most challenging element for Western decision-makers in China is the opaque and unreliable nature of basic business intelligence.  You never know who to trust or what to believe.  The people you rely on the most may be working against your interests, may be honest and sincere but unable to help, or they may be telling you exactly what you need to know.

A sample of challenges facing Western managers in China:

  • The decision-making and negotiation process is opaque and secretive.
  • Communication is vague and full of double meanings that ensnare Westerners but leave the Chinese side completely free.
  • Negotiations don’t end — even after formal agreements and contacts are signed.
  • Quality is unacceptable.
  • Designs and IP (intellectual property) get stolen, pirated and counterfeited.
  • Unexplained conflict with Chinese partners and staff.

THE RESULT is the greatest commercial opportunity in the world, and the biggest potential disaster that any Western firm has ever likely to face.  Many companies, lured by the promise of enormous cost savings and a vast untapped market have fallen victim to corruption, intellectual property theft, and bureaucratic roadblocks.  Key hires and trusted partners turn into underhanded competitors overnight.  Relationships sour, promises are ignored, and negotiated agreements are not worth the paper they’re printed on.



iStock_000002968965XSmallWe are the experts at negotiation, relationship-building and cross-cultural management in China.  We help you understand Chinese business culture without putting your firm’s interests or assets at risk.  Our approach is to uncover and develop Western companies’ existing sources of power in Chinese negotiation and leverage them to further your interests while protecting your assets.  Instead of acting as temporary go-between or Band-Aid solution, we work with you to develop an in-house competency in China management and negotiation.

China Solved analyzes your company’s China business and assesses your goals and performance.  We work with senior management to develop more effective negotiating strategies and then train your front-line negotiators to execute on your new plan.

Straight answers about China.  We cut through the cross-cultural fog to give Western decision-makers no-nonsense assessments about the realities on the ground.

We can tell you what your counter-parties are thinking, what their goals are, and what their true strategy is.  In China, it’s rarely just about the money – you’ve got other assets at risk.

Western negotiators and managers complain that their efforts don’t yield results.  Sometimes you’ll feel like you are pounding on a brick wall – other times like you are pushing a string.  China Solved can help you figure out what your access points and how to exert influence.  China Solved specializes in uncovering and developing your sources of power in China.  Call today and see if we can help.

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